This full day multisensory literacy workshop for teachers and other professionals working with children will include:

Tick The current research on literacy acquisition

* including information on memory research.

Tick  How to conduct and analyse standardised literacy assessments

* including reading accuracy and comprehension, spelling, phonological awareness, pseudo-words and phonics.

Tick Strategies to teach students how to encode and decode words

* with a specific focus on understanding the alphabet ‘code’ and the spelling rules
* learning a simplified syllabification process as a decoding strategy
* learning a unique multisensory spelling strategy.

Tick  Demonstration lessons and comprehensive notes

Tick In addition, after the workshop participants will be given access to

* 6 hour Online Multisensory Reading Level 4 Workshop for FREE (usually Aus$99)
* 6 hour Online Multisensory Reading Level 3 Workshop for FREE (Usually Aus$99)
* 3 hour Online Multisensory Reading Level 2 Workshop for FREE (Usually Aus$88)
* 2 hour Online Multisensory Reading Level 1 Workshop for FREE (Usually Aus$77)
* 6 hour Online Multisensory Spelling Workshop for FREE (Usually $99)
* 6 hour Online Assessment Workshop for FREE (Usually $99)
* 3 hour Online Writing Workshop (1/2 PRICE – $49.50 instead of Aus$99)

* Discount code enabling purchasing of the Resource USB for Aus$199 (usually $550)

When: Saturday 29th July, 2023
Where: Howick, Auckland
Time: 9.00-4.30pm
Price: NZ$395
(Includes comprehensive notes)


When: Mon 31st July, Tues 1st Aug, Mon 7th Aug, Tues 8th Aug
Time: 7.00-8.30pm
Price: NZ$395
(Includes comprehensive notes)


  • The workshop will be of particular interest to teachers and other professionals working with students (especially one-on-one) who are struggling with reading and spelling, including students diagnosed with dyslexia.  However, many of the strategies are applicable to the classroom.

  • It is a fast paced, comprehensive workshop, so come prepared to learn a lot.

The research consistently shows that students with literacy difficulties benefit most from programs that systematically teach phonics in a structured, multisensory format and are evidence based.  In addition to meeting this core criteria, the Cracking the ABC Code resources:

  1. Rapidly improve students’ reading and spelling skills.  On average students completing a 12 week program improve 12 months in spelling and 18 months in reading accuracy and comprehension.
  2. Incorporate strategies from the memory research to ensure that the material is learned and remembered (e.g., is truly multisensory, uses picture cues, links new knowledge to existing knowledge, all the components interlink and repetition is built into the programs).
  3. Explicitly teach higher-order orthographic knowledge (e.g., prefixes, suffixes, root words, spelling rules, etc).
  4. Help develop students’ processing speed and working memory, two areas of common weakness among students with learning difficulties.
  5. Cover all aspects of literacy – reading, spelling and writing.

PLUS the material is very reasonably priced comparative to other programs of this calibre & is suitable for all ages from young students through to adolescents and illiterate adults.

This information filled workshop will be presented by Lois Nunes.
For further information please contact Lois or Lillian

Lois Nunes
Ph: 0212 055 724


Lillian Fawcett