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Rules Rule


Author: Lillian Fawcett
Edition: 1st (Revised)
Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
Format: Paperback book
ISBN: 978-1481111027
Copyright: 2009-2021
Pages: 116
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Rules Rule systematically teaches the common spelling rules.  It consists of three sections: * Rule Cards – There are 45 cards each containing one of the most common spelling rules. On the reverse of each card is an example of the spelling rule. The spelling rules are repeated on an additional 45 cards with the key words missing. The missing words are written on the back of each card. * Nonsense Word Application- For each rule, there is a list of 20 nonsense words and 20 real words which require the application of the spelling rule. The use of nonsense words ensures that students are actually applying the spelling rule rather than relying on prior knowledge of how a particular word is spelled * Real Word Application – For each spelling rule, there is a page of exercises, using real words. A great resource for poor spellers including those with dyslexia.

This is the single use student version. 

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  1. Cheney

    I am liking the resources and using them consistently in my learning support lessons with older students who are struggling with learning spelling in the traditional way.

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