Don’t Baa: Level 3

  • Author: Lillian Fawcett
  • Publisher: Cracking the ABC Code
  • Format: PDF
  • Copyright: 2022
  • Pages: 18
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Don’t Baa is a a fun way for students to practise the digraphs they are learning. The cards can be separated by graphemes or phonemes.

For the grapheme cards, players take it in turns to read the digraph on the card. If they are correct, they keep the card. If they are incorrect or don’t know, they have to baa loudly. They then practise the sound before placing the card at the bottom of the pack.

For the phoneme cards, the player writes all the graphemes used to represent that particular phoneme on a whiteboard.

The numbers on the sheep indicate the number of phonemes (or graphemes) the student would be expected to know if they had completed the Cracking the ABC Code Multisensory Reading Level 3 program. However, the cards can be used independently.

Phoneme Cards: /ay/=a-e. ay, ai, /ee/=ee, e-e, ea, ie, y, i+vowel, /er/=ur, er, ir, or (word), /ow/=ou, ow, /oa/=oa, o-e, ow, /f/=f, ph, gh, /j/=j, ge, gi, gy, /u/=u, o (love), ou (country), a (banana), /s/=s, ci, ce, cy, /sh/=sh, ti, si, ci, /air/=ear, air, ear, ere, /oo/=oo, u, /ie/=ie, i-e, i, y, i+vowel, /oy/=oy, oi, /or/=aw, or, au, ar (wart), /ue/=oo, u-e, ue, ui, ew, /eer/=eer, ear, ere, /k/=k, c, ck, q, ch, /o/=o, a (watch), /ar/=ar, a (bath)

Grapheme Cards: ai-rain, a-e-cake, ay-tray, er-flower, ir-girl, ur-church, ar-car, wart, a-apple, watch, banana, ball, ow-cow, bow, oa-boat, o-e-bone, ea-leaf, head, ee-tree, oy-boy, i-e kite, ie-briefcase, pie, oi-coin, or-fork, worm, au-saucepan, aw-paw, ou-house, country, u-umbrella, book, music, oo-book, moon, i-child, insect, yyellow, sky, pyramid, sunny, ew-screw, e-e-Pete, ue-glue, ui-suit, u-e-flute, ce-ice, ci-circus, cy-cycle, ge-orange, gi-giant, gy-gypsy, ph-phone, gh-laugh, ti-invitation, ci-musician, si-mansion, o-orange, no, love, air-chair, are-square, ear-bear, spear, ere-here there, ch-chick, choir, machine, i+vowel-piano, lion


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